A Noyer 4343

A noyer 4343 (446x700) a noyer 4343 verso (700x443)

A Noyer 4343

Publishing house: A Noyer
Date: Undated
Colouring: Tinted
Background: White


2 thoughts on “A Noyer 4343

  1. Hi, love your site. I love Noyer postcards, specifically the series that contain bananas (I own Washington Banana Museum http://www.bananamuseum.com). I have 3 in this series, 4 in another series, and 3 of yet another banana series of the woman alone with banana. I’ve posted the Noyer postcards on my Pinterest page for Washington Banana Museum. Is there generally 4 in every series? I’ve never been able to figure that out. Thanks! Ann Lovell

    • Hello Ann,
      Sorry for the exceptionally late reply–I’ve been away from this site, busy on other things–but thank you for the feedback! Your museum has a wonderful collection. It’s great to see the other A Noyer banana postcards you have–I’ve only ever come across the one myself. As far as I have been able to tell there are usually 4-5 in each series. I have two series where I have five, and have seen quite a few series of 5 for sale. One publisher (Fotocelere) also numbers each image in a set (eg. 1245-1, 1245-2) and theirs always go up to five. However it does seem more common to get them in fours, so I am not sure which was more common. Hopefully at some point soon I can add a write-up about the series and photoshoots!

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