Each thumbnail directs to a page with a larger image, the back, information about the postcard, and category tags. I am working on creating a more meaningful way of grouping and browsing by those tagged categories–stay tuned!

 More postcards coming soon as well– this represents about half the collection.

Page One

ekc 3352 (450x700) (96x150) JP 289 (437x700) (94x150) pc paris 1044 hi def (447x700) (96x150) LB 527 (437x700) (94x150) Leo 716 (437x700) (94x150)

  leo 1538 (442x700) (95x150) leo 5122-2 (442x700) (95x150) leo 5014 (436x700) (93x150)  leo 5028-2 (446x700) (96x150) Pc Paris 1239 (438x700) (94x150)  

 pc paris 1910 (432x700) (93x150)   lb 527-2 (438x700) (94x150) pc paris 1384 hi def (444x700) (95x150) pc paris 1803 (440x700) (94x150) pc paris 2007-3 (439x700) (94x150)

    pc paris 1911 (428x700) (92x150) PC paris 2007 (435x700) (93x150) pc paris 2639-1 (441x700) (95x150) leo 5122 (447x700) (96x150)  pc paris 2358 (435x700) (93x150)

 leo 1158-2 (700x429) (150x92)  pc paris 2337 (700x446) (150x96)PC Paris 1059 (700x452) (150x97)leo 1158 (700x435) (150x93)

PC paris 3558 (440x700) (94x150) pc paris 2402-2 (433x700) (93x150) pc paris 2639-3 (441x700) (95x150) PC Paris 2007-2 (439x700) (94x150) Pc Paris 2781 (438x700) (94x150)

 leo 5028 (451x700) (97x150)PC Paris 2781-2 (451x700) (97x150) pc paris 2918 (432x700) (93x150) pc paris 2950 (429x700) (92x150) pc paris 3032-1 (434x700) (93x150)

pc paris 3007 (447x700) (96x150)PC Paris 3007-2 (96x150) pc paris 3007-3 (93x150) Pc Paris 3007-4 (93x150) pc paris 3007-5 (93x150)

pc paris 3032-2 (431x700) (92x150) pc paris 3034 (435x700) (93x150) pc paris 3178-2 (440x700) (94x150) pc paris 3178-3 (439x700) (94x150) pc paris 2402 hi def (437x700) (94x150) PP 321 (438x700) (94x150)

pc paris 3270 (700x443) (150x95) pc paris 3287 (700x446) (150x96) bleuet 317 (700x447) (150x96)

pc paris 3178 (433x700) (93x150) PC Paris 3529 (435x700) (93x150) pc paris 3976-4 (440x700) (94x150) pisa 215 (444x700) (95x150) pc paris 2639-2 (439x700) (94x150)

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